Place and Date of Contract: in [city] el 15-07-2022

The undersigned Alejandro Perdigon Ambelin, the company Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS, adult domiciled in Cartagena de Indias DCT, identified with citizenship card c.c 79888704 of Bogotá - Colombia, who henceforth and for purposes of this contract is referred to as the (LESSOR) on the one hand, and the other COBY AARON RODMAN, of legal age, identifying pasaporte 566958492 of USA who henceforth and for purposes of this contract (LESSEE), be known, we have entered into a lease of commercial type, to be governed by the following clauses:


The purpose of this contract is as follows: (LESSOR) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS it leases the BOAT as detailed below: CATAMARAN coded as: CATAMARAN on page www.colombiarents.com, located in Cartagena.


(LESSER) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS delivery by way of lease at (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN and the latter claims to have received full satisfaction and that title the following boats: CATAMARAN


The (LESSER) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS is committed to delivering on lease to the tenant for a term of one DAY (S), from 20-08-2022 to 20-08-2022.

CLAUSE: The lease will last days from 20-08-2022. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term of the lease is automatically extended for consecutive periods equal to the initial, when the tenant informs the other of its decision to extend this Agreement and there is availability of the property for that purpose.

CLAUSE 2: The duration of this contract can not be extended unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.


The (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN agrees to pay the (THE LESSOR) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS the sum of $12.500.000 by way of lease for the period described above by a daily value of $12.500.000


The Boat will be shown and given to (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN verifying the initial state of this, which the (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN must return under the same conditions. The (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN will leave a refundable security deposit of $0
I will be returned at the time of delivery of the Boat. After checking the perfect condition of the boat. Also it agrees to pay any damage to the boat if the value of the damage exceeds the value of the security deposit.

CLAUSE: El (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN agrees to pay for any damage caused to the furniture, utensils or any other property of the CATAMARAN etc.…. which will be quantified in their real value and must be paid before being authorized delivery of the Boat. The vessel will be delivered with an inventory, which will be supervised by both parties.


The (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN AGREES pay to (THE LESSOR) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS the above sum as follows:

a)The sum of $12.500.000 by concept for BOOKING. This contract comes into effect with copy of payment support by any of the means authorized by Colombia Rents. This support shall be checked and confirmed as received by the (LESSOR) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS. The bank charges, bank fees or operating costs per transaction will be assumed by the LESSEE..

b) The balance of $0 must be paid the day of Delivery of the boat in cash or income before the provision by day. For delivery of the Boat must be canceled 100% of the value of the lease.


RETURN TIME: 5:00 p.m M


The (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN It promises to use the boat rented solely for the enjoyment of the occupants, tourism purposes and additional leisure.


Any modification of this contract. It shall be in writing signed by the parties, since it expresses the intention of the parties themselves recognize not validate changes that are not in this way.


For purposes of payment of the monetary obligations contained in this contract, regarding rental fees and penalty clause, this agreement provides executive merit and assimilated in its effect to a bill of exchange, being excused the protest and submission for payment.

In this case the defaulting contractor shall request in writing to the defaulting contractor to cancel the amounts due.

This contract is valid for the benefit of (LESSEE) and (LESSOR) which may make LEGAL use of it to comply with the obligations of each party.


1.From tenant:

In case of violating the rules or laws (LESSEE) assume sole responsibility for reporting or fine to be paid in any case.

Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the boat.

Deliver the boat in perfect condition at the date of termination of the contract (in the same condition as received).

Assume that cause damage on the vessel during the term of the contract.

Damage to the boat are caused by the (LESSEE), or companions, for themselves or their dependents responsibility, will be repaired and repair costs covered entirely by the Lessee.

Similarly, the (LESSEE) It is obliged to comply with the obligations under Articles 2029 and 2030 of the Civil Code of Colombia.

The (LESSEE) will refrain from storing or allow inside the boat flammable, toxic, unhealthy, explosives or harmful elements for conservation, hygiene, safety and aesthetics of the boat and generally their permanent or temporary occupants are kept.

Parágraph: The (LESSOR) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS declares expressly forbidden the destination of the vessel for the purposes referred to in subparagraph b) of paragraph of Article 34 of Law 30 of 1986 and consequently the Lessee agrees not to use the boat for concealment of people, deposit of weapons or explosives and money to terrorist groups. It will not use the boat for processing, storage or sale of hallucinogenic substances such as marijuana, hashish, cocaine and the like. The Lessee authorizes the Lessor to, directly or through its officers duly authorized in writing, visit the vessel to verify compliance with the obligations of the Lessee.

2. From the landlord:

The (LESSOR) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS undertakes to respect the terms of this contract under penalty of paying compensation for rescission of the contract and / or penalty for noncompliance.

Deliver the boat in perfect condition at the start date of the contract.

Refraining to execute acts of unfair competition.


1. In case of default by the (LESSOR) Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS will return 100% of the booking value or is obliged to deliver a boat of the same conditions, characteristics and capacity.

2. In case of default by the (LESSEE) COBY AARON RODMAN . The landlord will retain the value of the reserve for losses and damages may lease the boat again in the stipulated dates.

Paragraph: They are grounds for termination of the contract unilaterally by the (Lessor) those provided for in Article 16 of Law 56 of 1985; and the Lessee enshrined in Article 17 of the same Act. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties at any time by mutual agreement may terminate this Agreement.


The maximum capacity of the boat is 25 people.


EIt is strictly prohibited destination of the boat to trafficking.

Paragraph: It is totally forbidden scandals, brawls, riots and other aggressive acts and / or disruptive affecting the order and tranquility.


The rent of the boat is destined: Islands rosary, white beach or Baru and Cholon. Any other unspecified destination is not part of this contract and requires an additional charge for fuel costs which must be reassessed and approved by the LESSOR. In this way the LESSEE agrees to cancel the additional cost in case such that the LESSOR accept the requested destination.

Paragraph: After 6 pm the ship has an additional hourly fee to tour the bay. The LESSEE may request additional time extension to LESSOR. and this in turn grant it given the case that vessel has availability for this service.


Are causes for cancellation of force majeure, extreme weather conditions like high tide, storm and hurricanes .The LESSEE can change date or ask for refund of the reservation.

If the LESSEE gives notice to the LESSOR (at least 30 days in advance) you can not take the reservation for the date specified, the LESSEE granted the benefit of being able to change the date to a date according to the tourist season of your initial reservation.

COLOMBIA RENTS protect children and adolescents from commercial sexual exploitation LAW 1336 DEL 2009

This contract is signed in the city of Cartagena de Indias to record the 15-07-2022

HORARIO: DE 9:00 A.M A 5:00 P.M

Agent Colombia Rents Inmobiliaria SAS

15-07-2022 (electronically signed)


c.c 79888704 of Bogotá

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